5 Best Europe Food Markets in London to Visit

foodmarkets.club. London is not only well-known for its Buckingham Palace and galleries. Sure, there are many other typical spots you will never see in other places. If you have a chance to go there, make sure to enjoy street food in some locations of the city. Sure, you can enjoy many great and tasty foods there originally from the UK and some areas around. What are those food centers and markets? Check them out.

Borough Market

Maybe, the most famous food street area in London is Borough Market. Yes, this market is old enough even more than 1,000 years. Aside from its age, what makes the market popular is the strategic location which is right in the city center, in front of Metro London Bridge. Borough Market is definitely a heaven for culinary lovers for various foods offered. If you are looking for fresh ingredients, they can just be found in this place also. You should not worry since the prices offered are affordable here.

Leather Lane Market

If you want to feel the sense of “populist” in the market you visit, Leather Lane Market is the best answer. Yes, it is because the market’s condition is quite messy. But you should not worry; the market is still clean anyway. You can find various typical foods of Europe along with their ingredients like fruits and vegetables. Of course, the prices are much more affordable than visiting restaurants or cafes. The market opens from 10.00 am to 02.00 pm. Some references to foods recommended there are Lamb and Halloumi Wrap, Brazilian BBQ, and Sub Cult.

Partridges Food Market

The next market to visit in London is Partridges Food Market. Unfortunately, this market only opens on Saturday. The location is also near the city center; the area of Duke of York Square. There are around 70 stalls opened with cheap foods. What are foods sold in this market? Well, they are really various like cheesecakes, pizza, and more. Even foods originally from the Middle East and South America can be found widely here. Interestingly, some stalls also offer you free foods to taste.

Dalston Food Market

Dalston Food Market is located quite far from the city center. However, it is a good solution if you just want to stay away from the crowd of the city. The foods offered are varied starting from toddlers’ foods to them for adults. Besides, there are stalls that offer you various food products from apples like apple beer and apple pie. Are you interested to go shopping while enjoying the beautiful scenery of London; the answer is Dalston Food Market.

Camden Market

The last place to enjoy cheap foods in London is Camden Market. This market is located in the area of Camden Town. Uniquely, foods are not the only to enjoy here. You can also get souvenirs and vintage things for home decorations. There are some recommendations for popular stalls in Camden Market. They are Deep Fried Cheese by Oli Baba, steak by StakeHaus, and various types of burger by Vburger.


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