5 Best Street Europe Food Markets That You Should Visit

foodmarkets.club. A street view in Europe is hot in summertime especially many festivals and markets opened in every big city. Both local and international tourists surely want to spend time outside during summertime. To help you in tasting some tasty foods, you can visit six of the best street Europe food markets.

Hornstull Market in Stockholm

If you are visiting Sweden, you should explore every corner of its capital city, Stockholm. It is very challenging to visit and explore. Besides having a beautiful view, Stockholm offers a series of street foods. Every weekend, rotation of food trucks serving various eclectic dishes on the north edge of the Lijeholmsviken River in Hornstull Market can be visited. You can enjoy delicious menus there. The combination of international foods and Sweden food will satisfy your tongue when you eat it at the food truck or stall. Some handy crafts and designing stores can be explored in that market.

Street Food Truck Festival in Italy 

Italy is a food paradise country. It has several popular foods in the world. When you visit Italy, you should explore its street food. Street Food Truck Festival has become one of the best street European food markets that you must visit. It is authentically located on the wheel or using a truck. This festival is running in some spots in Italy including Milan, Rimini, and Udinese. You will find some delicious Italian dishes such as pizza, gelato, ravioli, and many more. In every eight locations, you can enjoy some delightful foods for three days.

Le Food Market in Paris 

Le Food Market is a center of the street food revolution in Paris. Two times in a month on Thursday evening, you will find the owner of a food stall showing off food from the local restaurants in Boulevard de Belleville. You will see cafes, bakeries, boulangeries, and food stalls selling the best dish version without a formal setting or customer fee. It is a new opinion and point of view about breakfast in France that can be enjoyed by all the people in Paris.

Bite Club in Berlin

A group of young entrepreneurs in Berlin has developed Bite Club, a club for food lovers in which it unites new chefs and interestingly showing off their talents. The food stall and trucks are turning through some summer parties all over the cities for months during summertime. Don’t miss the best epic party on the vintage ship of Hoppetosse in Spree River. You can come and enjoy healthy foods in the capital city of Germany.

KERB Camden in London

A rocky street in Camden Lock will be crowded with the street food sellers when the CURB Camden market is full. The annual street food is combining foods, drinks, music, and the best people in London. You should taste Thai curry, American burger, Philippine pork, or drinking a glass of beer. The celebration is continuing to the night time with the music and entertainment to enjoy. Those are the list of the best Europe food street markets that you need to visit.


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