4 Tourism Destinations with the Best European Food Markets

foodmarkets.club. One of the ways to recognize local people during exploring Europe is tasting their typical foods where the original one is tastier. If you want to find the best Europe food markets, you can select the following tourism destinations. Those are suitable to visit by culinary hunters.


It seeds the top list of the best tourism destination with its food markets. It seems to not complete without involving Paris in the itinerary list of your holiday. Its three restaurants seed the World’s 50 restaurants. Furthermore, it has more than 80 restaurants having one star of Michelin. However, it has no luxury restaurants serving haute cuisine because Paris citizens also love eating baguette baked from surrounding bakery or tasting cheese in Fromagerie. Thus, in every district in Paris, at least it has a food market selling bread, cake, fruits, cheese, beer, or takeaway food stalls.

If you love sweet dishes or desserts, you can have a tour in the best bakery, cakery, candy shops, or chocolate store. This tour is usually having a visit to the popular cafe like Les Deux Magots often visited by famous writers and artists. After getting tired, you can end your holiday by watching a cabaret show in Moulin Rouge and enjoy French food.


Barcelona is one of the best Europe food markets that you should visit. This city has many bars providing tapas with some drinks. Of course, the sangria is the most popular one. If you don’t know about starting it, you can join a culinary tour to explore some food markets in Barcelona. This tour starts from Sant Antoni Market where the guide will bring a pan with some crochet to give before directing to some simple restaurants. You can taste Catalan foods like Fideua, Canelons, and Crema Catalana. The tour will invite the participants to Bodega to drink a local champagne. The culinary hunters will feel the food paradise in the food markets such as Mercat de Santa Caterina, Mercat de La Barceloneta, and Mercat de La Concepcio.


Every night in Lisbon will always be memorable. You can explore traditional markets to be a family gathering. It is changing with the presence of chefs and restaurant power changing the eating experience. You can taste some Portuguese foods in that market and restaurant. In Mercado de Ribeira, Portuguese chefs open popular food stalls in the back of the market with typical menus.


Many culinary businessmen start their careers in London. It is not surprising that many innovative restaurants and food markets appear in London. You can call The Cheese Bar providing menus with dairy ingredients. You can visit La Bodega Negra, a Mexican food restaurant with elegantly rustic nuance. Bars in London must be visited because it is very unique and serving delicious drinks. You can also find the best Europe food markets in London. Those cities must be listed on your itinerary list when you are exploring Europe. Those will not fail to make you amazed and satisfied.


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