Best Asian Food Markets: A Shopping Guide Do you know that you can visit the Asian food market in many towns and cities around the world? The Asian food market is one of the authentic cultural cross locations that you can find in most of the worldwide countries. This market sells a wide range of products and a lot of shoppers confuse to shop like the market offer diversity from products that fall into Asian food. Here is a guide to help you when you visit this Asian Food Market.

What you should buy in the Asian market

Before you go to the Asian food market, narrow down your list. Buy a cookbook about Asian food can be a good step before you shop. This cookbook can let you know what you need to buy when you want to cook or shop in the Asian food market. If you want to cook specific food, then make a specific shopping list. In another case, if you just want to stock Asian food, then you can shop for basic Asian food.

Vegetable. There are many vegetables that you can buy and use for any cuisine, not only Asian cuisine, for example, bok choy, long beans, too, and many more.

Sauce. There is the countless option of sauces that you can buy in Asian food markets such as oyster sauce, mirin, fermented beans, chile jams, fish sauce, and many more. You even can buy quality sake here.

Meat and seafood. Meat and seafood offerings in the Asian food market can be slightly different from what you usually see from the regular supermarket you usually visit. However, it offers you tons of options and costs. You can find wide options of sliced meat for shabu-shabu, pho, or stir-fries, whole ducks or chicken, pork, short ribs and even plenty of offal. In the seafood counter, you can be lucky to meet with a lot of whole fish and some of them are still alive. You can ask the butcher to cut and fillet the meat. Sometimes they also allow you to cook on the spot.

Frozen food. When you look to the freezer case it can be a treasure. You can find ice cream, with exotic flavor such as durian.
Kitchen utensils and plates.

Why you shop in the Asian food market

You may question why go to the Asian food market, not in a modern store? First, it will embrace you in the adventure. The Asian food market is a mini and budget-friendly place to visit. It has a large selection of ingredients more than the international aisle. You also will surprise to know Asian markets are cheaper than common supermarkets.

Second, go fresh. The Asian food market provides you with endless fresh vegetables and products that fresh and healthy to consume. You can find fresh ingredients such as tofu, noodles, and fresh spices such as curry leaves, kaffir lime and many more.

How to find the Asian food market?

You can easily find the Asian food market near you by search online. There are many Asian markets listed online and more that not listed.


You can just go around to the local market and find if there is an Asian food market near it.

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