4 of the Best Asian Food Markets that You Must Visit

foodmarkets.club. Traveling to various countries would be one of the wishlists in your life. Seeing the various best and famous tourist objects in the country is a must-do. However, you can also do other fun activities, namely culinary tourism. Trying various unique and unique foods from that country is something you should not miss.

One of the recommended spots to try various foods is the food market. This is caused by the price being more affordable and the atmosphere has more tradition. Countries in Asia are famous for their unique food markets. These are the 4 best Asian food markets that you should try to visit.

Nishiki Market, Kyoto - Japan

Nishiki Market, or Nishiki Ichiba in Japanese, is one of the most famous street markets in Kyoto, even in Japan. This market is located in downtown Kyoto, close to Kawaramachi Station. In this market, you will find hundreds of stalls (around 130 stalls) lined up in a corridor of about 400m. This market sells various things related to food, such as food ingredients, prepared foods, and cooking/eating utensils. If you are looking for Kyoto's special culinary, of course, you will find it easily, for example, okonomiyaki and kaiseki ryori. This market is open every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Red Garden Food Paradise & Night Market, Penang - Malaysia

Red Garden Food Paradise & Night Market should be one of your destinations when visiting Penang, Malaysia. This market is in No. 20, Leith Street, Georgetown, Pulau Penang, Malaysia. As the name implies, Red Garden will become a food paradise for visitors. The reason is that you will find many types of food, both local foods from Penang and international food menus; there are about 30 stalls selling food here. Grilled seafood, clay pot noodles, fusion Japanese cuisine, Hokkien mee, Indian curry, and Thai food can be found here.

Spice Bazaar, Istanbul - Turkey

For those of you who visit Turkey, you should not miss one of the best Asian food markets. Spice Bazaar is in Rustem Pasa Mahallesi, Erzak Ambari Sok. No: 92, Eminonu - Fatih, Istanbul. Spice Bazaar sells a variety of spices that will please your nose. Also, this place will spoil your eyes because this place is full of colors which are the effect of various colors of spices for sale. Try buying sumac, pul biber, excision, otu corek, and Turkish saffron as a typical Turkish spice. Besides herbs, you can also buy various snacks and sweets typical of Turkey. This market is open every day from 09.00 AM to 7.00 PM.

Shilin Market, Taipei - Taiwan

Shilin Night Market can be said to be the biggest and most popular market in Taiwan. This market, located on Jihe Road, Taipei, will be the center of nightlife if you are looking for merchandise or Taiwanese cuisine. If you plan to go to this place, the recommended menu and a favorite is the oyster omelet. If you want to try a challenge with local flavor, you should not miss eating a food called stinky tofu. Some stalls in this market open from 4:00 PM until midnight.


However, as one of the best Asian food markets, stalls can close before midnight if their merchandise is up. because it is crowded and in demand!.

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