5 Best Middle East Street Food Centers in Dubai

foodmarkets.club. Dubai is known as a new modern city in this world. There are many skyscrapers and great tourist resorts to visit on the holiday. Sure, if you have a plan to visit this city, make sure to visit the icon, Burj Khalifa. But although the city seems to be more related to luxurious things, there are some spots that provide affordable products. Those spots are also focused on the delicious foods of Middle East. So, what are those best Middle East food markets in Dubai? Here they are for you.

The Fresh Food Company

Are you looking for fresh foods and ingredients in Dubai? Well, if yes, this place is highly recommended. Well, the term fresh here is not only for marketing. The products offered are definitely fresh and hygienic. Interestingly, the prices are friendly also. Many typical foods and ingredients of the Middle East are available here. But you should not worry. In case you are also expecting other foods like European and Asian foods, you can also get them here and enjoy them.

Ripe Fruits and Vegetable Market

The concept is quite similar to The Fresh Food Company mentioned above. However, this place is only focused on selling fruits and vegetables only. You can also enjoy foods made for vegetarians with good tastes. In terms of price, they may be more expensive than in other markets. But it is reasonable. The products are guaranteed to be organic and fresh. So, for you who are aware of your health a lot, make sure to go to this market anyway.

24th St. Asian Street Food Dubai

If you want to enjoy the taste of the Middle East and Asian at once, this is the best place you must go to. The street food area is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road. There are typical foods of Middle East you can enjoy like Kebab and Baklava. Well, if you also want to taste eastern Asian cuisine, many stalls there also provide it well. Many people just love to go there since it gives a different vibe of Dubai. So, if you are just bored with those luxurious buildings, this area is really suitable to escape.

Haji Ali Juice Center

Okay, the name is Haji Ali Juice Center. But at this place, you cannot only find juices but also other authentic foods of the Middle East and Asia. Interestingly, some stalls even provide fusion foods – the mixes of Middle East cuisine and other typical foods all around the world. Well, have you ever taste a mushroom cheese pizza with Middle East spices? They are only in Haji Ali Juice Center for sure.

Grand Station Authentic Lebanese Street Food

This street food area only provides Lebanese foods anyway. Sure, it must be included in the list. Lebanon is a part of the Middle East, isn’t it? You can try a unique taste of Lebanese foods like Shawarma and Lebanese Sandwich. Some foods are also made uniquely with a recipe that is a combination of Lebanese foods and other places. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to be here when in Dubai.

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