Centers of Middle-East Foods and Ingredients in Paris Paris, this romantic city, must be more famous with foods like Croissant, Beef Bourguignon, and more. But in case you have been and Paris and just bored with those menus, why don’t you try others? Well, this city even has some markets and shopping centers for Middle East foods. They provide only fresh and high-quality foods while the prices are still friendly. What are they? Take a look at the list below.


Sabah is a grocery and food store for the Mediterranean and North African-style ingredients. They are various types of oil and spices authentically from Arab and other countries around. So, do you find difficulties in cooking them? You can buy ready-to-eat foods like kebab and various deserts anyway. Besides, it is possible also to ask the staff members how to cook those Mediterranean foods. You should not worry since they are really friendly and helpful. Even the prices are affordable as well. The grocery is located in Ledru-Rollin area of Paris.

Chez le Libanaiz

Chez le Libanaiz is a Lebanese cafe and restaurant. Uniquely, it also provides various ingredients to make Lebanese cuisine. Uniquely, the foods provided here are combinations of menus in various places at once. Well, are you interested in a pizza with Lebanese taste? It is only in Chez le Libanaiz. However, the prices tend to be more expensive since the ingredients are organic and high-quality. To enjoy foods from this place, you can just go to the area of Saint-Michel Odeon.

Marche des Enfants Rouges

Well, this is a kind of market available in the middle of Paris. But if you are going inside, the market is just smaller compared to others. But you should not worry, almost all Middle-Eastern ingredients and spices are available here. Sure, since it is quite small, it is easier for you to get all the ingredients you are looking for. The prices of products here are also really affordable. To enjoy foods and cook with Middle-Eastern ingredients from Marche des Enfants Rouges, you may go to the area of Marais Nord.

Marche Raspail

Marche Raspail is one of the most popular shopping centers in Paris. Previously, the ingredients and foods sold here are the typical French foods anyway. But now, you can get almost all the things here. Sure, it is even if you want to buy Middle-Eastern or Mediterranean foods and ingredients. For the popularity, Marche Raspail is often chosen by tourists to shopping. So, it is reasonable if the area is very crowded. Besides, some spots in the market are often used to take photos.

Chez Katy

Chez Katy is a small grocery store but quite popular in the area of Palais Royal or Louvre. So, do you have a plan to visit those famous places? Make sure to go to this store also. The store is popular for extremely various products to sell here. It is reasonable anyway to get Middle-Eastern foods and ingredients only by visiting Chez Katy.


You can simply enjoy snacks like Kebab and Arabian cookies here at quite friendly prices anyway.

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