5 Biggest and Most Popular Culinary Markets in Europe

foodmarkets.club. Are you interested to join a Europe tour? Commonly, the places to visit are around historical buildings and museums. Undeniably, there are many great civilizations in the past located on this continent. But sure, it is not enough. In fact, some countries in Europe are well-known for their street foods and culinary markets. If you have a chance to go to some following countries, the food markets there are worthy to visit. Here is the list.

Albert Cuypmarkt, Amsterdam

The city is not only unique with stunning cultures. It is also well-known for the culinary. If you want to enjoy many typical foods from Holland and other areas in Europe, Albert Cuypmarkt is the best answer. There are more than 300 stalls to explore and even a thousand types of food to taste. If you don’t have enough money to buy them, you should not worry. Many foods there are offered at cheap prices. Some stalls even provide samples of food for you to taste.

Borough Market, London

Of course, in London, there is not only Buckingham Palace and Prince William. Many places located there are really incredible. Well, if you just want to be out for a little while from the luxury of royal spots, you can try to go to Borough Market. Well, this is the people’s market for real. The foods offered there are tasty but also affordable. Enjoy many typical foods from the UK and other countries around. They are various types of cake, pasta, and beverages to buy.

La Boqueria Market, Barcelona

Barcelona is always on the top of the list of you are visiting Europe. After being satisfied watching historical places and churches, now, you can hunt typical street foods in the traditional market. It is in La Boqueria Market. It is the most famous market in the city with more than a hundred stalls available. If you are there, you should not be surprised if this place is filled with foreign tourists. The design of this market is artistic as well. So, you can just take some pictures to perpetuate your moment in Barcelona.

Markthalle Neun Market, Berlin

Markthalle Neun Market was previously known to sell authentic German foods. But now, it is not only the center of typical foods of the country but also many countries around. Uniquely, Asian and Middle East foods can also be enjoyed there. Interestingly, there are also samples of foods from all around the world. So, if you don’t have enough money but still want to taste some of them, it is possible.

Copenhagen Street Food, Copenhagen

From Berlin, we move to Copenhagen, Denmark. Quite different from other places above that are in the form of the market. This culinary center is placed on sides of the road. That’s why; it is more popular with term street food. The foods to sell are various, not only them authentic Danish foods but also many other foods from various countries all around the world.


In some spots, there are also stalls for souvenirs and handicrafts. So, are you interested to visit it?

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