5 Recommended Middle-East Food Centers in Turkey

foodmarkets.club. Turkey is one of the countries located on the border of Europe and Asia. Therefore, although the people are considered European for some reasons, the cultures of the Middle East are really felt there. Of course, it is much easier to find centers of Middle East foods in this country. What are they? Here are some of them, the most famous ones.

Datca Peninsula

Datca Peninsula is an area in the area of a peninsula that is really scenic and beautiful. It is even known as the best tourist spot in the country. Moreover, you can just watch the blue sea along with the white sand combined well. Not only is it a heaven for the beach lover. Datca Peninsula is also the best place for culinary tourism. Yes, a Middle East street food centers are available there with delicious foods. In the area also, you can see an olive plantation and watch the process of olive into some foods.


Alacati is always on the list of an Istanbul tour. Similar to Datca Peninsula, you can see the beautiful beach along with the blue sea. Meanwhile, there is an iconic winding road you may rarely see in other places. Sure, there is also a culinary market placed in an old residence. Some best restaurants in Istanbul are placed in this area anyway. Enjoy some food festivals at particular time. Some examples are The Alacati herb Festival every April and Lost Testes Festival in June and October.


The next culinary center is Bodrum. Yes, this is indeed known as the center of authentic foods from Turkey and other Middle East countries. Not only enjoying the good taste, you can also learn about how to make the foods. Bodrum is more than just rows of stalls. Some spots there are established for tourism like the grape yard and cheese fabric. If you want, you can take a cooking class in Bodrum. This way, your trip to Turkey can just be more interesting and unforgettable.


Kalkan is, again, a very beautiful tourist spot in Turkey. Well, the landscape is indeed stunning along with white villas in the hill areas. If you are on the top of the hill, the scenery of harbor can be seen from the height. Aside from the natural tourism, Kalkan is known also as the place for its delicious Middle East culinary center. Some popular foods that you must try in Kalkan are seafood and lamb that is cooked with Middle East spices. Do you want to buy souvenirs also? They are available in this market.


Gaziantep is not only providing authentic Middle East foods anyway. More than that, other typical foods from Europe and even Asia are also to be enjoyed here. Interestingly, you can find foods starting from the most expensive to the cheapest here. Are you looking for historical foods from Ottoman Dynasty? Well, all of them can be enjoyed here also. Here are some recommendations of menu in Gaziantep; Middle East soups, Baklava, and more. They are all cooked well with typical ingredients like spices and nuts.


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