The Best Middle East Food Markets in New York City When you are in the US, it sounds impossible to find a place to buy Middle-Eastern foods and ingredients. Okay, some decades ago, the condition is indeed like that. But now, you can even find multiple Middle East centers in big cities in the US. One of them is in New York in which some markets there are indeed intended to sell Middle East ingredients and spices. What are they? You can check them out.

Garcia’s Tulcingo

Garcia’s Tulcingo is a market and shopping center located in the area of Powell Jr. Boulevard. Although it is basically a traditional market, the condition is clean and fresh just like in the supermarket. Uniquely, the owner of this market is good at speaking Spanish, not Arabic. In this market, you can buy ingredients, spices, and even ready-to-eat foods with the Middle East taste. the products are guaranteed to be fresh and healthy. For you the lovers of organic foods, Garcia’s Tulcingo is definitely the best place to visit.


What makes this Middle-East food center and grocery recommended is not only the complete ingredients available. Even you can consult to the staff here in case you want to try Arabian or Lebanese foods. Are you too lazy to make the Middle-Eastern food by yourself? You can buy here also. Many typical fast foods from Arab, Dubai, or Turkey can just be enjoyed here.

International Grocery

Okay, this market and shopping center is not typically for Middle-Eastern foods anyway. Many ingredients all around the world can also be found here. But the foods and spices from the Middle East make this grocery worthy to visit if you need them. Moreover, it is if you are living in the area of Midtown West. The atmosphere of this market is comfortable. So, you must not be surprised if you may spend too much time while shopping here.

Sahadi’s Market

The next market to get many types of Middle-Eastern foods and ingredients is namely Sahadi’s. It is basically an international grocery so that you can find food from other areas here. But sure, since it is known as the Middle-Eastern market, most of products to sell here are typically from the Middle East area. Interestingly, it is claimed that almost all products are directly imported from Arab and many countries around. Although those foods are originally from abroad, Sahadi’s is successful in managing prices so that they keep affordable. If you just want to save your money more, this traditional market is definitely the best answer.

Balady Foods

Based on ratings and customers’ reviews, Balady Foods are considered the best market and shopping center for Middle-Eastern foods even in New York. The products are not only complete but also qualified. Despite ingredients like date fruits, nuts, cheese, and more, ready-to-eat foods are also available. Do you feel confused when buying products in this market? You should not worry. The staff and workers of Balady Foods will wholeheartedly help you.


Moreover, the prices offered here are really friendly. It is definitely the best place for shopping in the area of Bay Ridge.

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