The Things that You Can Do in the Best Asian Food Markets Visiting the food market must be a must-have ritual if you visit certain areas. Why? The reason is of course to taste a variety of foods sold in the market. However, there are many other things you can do in the food market. Especially if you visit a country on the Asian continent; visiting the food market in Asian countries will be a special experience. These are things you can do at the best Asian food markets.

Taste local food

Your goal to visit the food market, of course, the main thing is to taste the food there. The food that is tasted is nothing but local food from the market area it is located. For example, if you go to Kyoto, you should try Kyoto-style okonomiyaki. Each region or country has its special food and you have to taste it. This is caused by the taste of typical food sold in the original area will be more authentic, compared to the same unique food but sold outside the region/country.

Shopping for seafood and meat

If you are done with eating typical food, then you can explore the food market. One of the activities that can be done is shopping for seafood or fresh meat sold in the market. Indeed, not all food markets sell seafood and raw meat, but if the market you visit sells these 2 ingredients, then don't hesitate to shop. Even though each country has seafood and beef products that look the same, usually seafood and meat in each country have quite different textures and flavors. For example, South Korean seafood and beef taste the best and you should not miss it.

Looking for locally produced utensil or tableware

Collecting utensil food can be your new hobby or it can also be a souvenir. This is caused by tableware in each region or country has its characteristics. Tableware materials, special features, and different shapes are the main reasons why collecting food utensils is very interesting. Try to see the plates, bowls, spoons, forks, and chopsticks that are sold, surely you will understand the difference and its uniqueness. Therefore, if you visit a variety of the best Asian food markets, be sure to buy the tableware because, usually, this place sells unique and different products.

Buy spices

If you have already purchased seafood and meat ingredients as well as tableware, and now you want to try cooking them, then you have to buy various herbs that are sold in the food market. For example, there are types of berries or mushrooms that can only be found in certain countries or regions. These berries or mushrooms turn out to be the main ingredients in a food recipe in the area. So, you do not hesitate to try and buy the spice. Culinary tourism is not just a matter of food that has been made but also knowing the ingredients and the making process.

Tasting local sweets and cakes

Once satisfied eating and shopping for goods and ingredients, it seems you have to fill your energy a little by eating snacks such as candy or cakes/chips typical of the area you visit. Usually, each region or country has its traditional candy form and taste.


Also, you should not miss the local pastries if you visit the best Asian food markets. The taste of the local cake will give you an additional meaningful experience for you to visit again.

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