Top 5 Middle Eastern Markets and Shopping Centers in London London is one of the most famous cities in the world mainly in Europe. So, if you have a chance to visit this city, the foods to taste must be those authentically from Europe. But do you know that London has some markets and shopping centers for typical Middle-Eastern foods and ingredients? Well, even there are more than 10 spots available. But talking about the best and the most popular ones, maybe not all of them are qualified. So, rather than being confused with where to go for the Middle-Eastern markets in London, here are the recommendations.

Middle East Food Market London

This Middle-East food market is the biggest one in London. If you want to get there, it is at 383 Uxbridge Road, Ealing Common, London. So, what can you find there? Of course, there are ingredients, spices, and ready-to-serve foods authentically from Middle East areas. Tons of date fruits, lamb meat, and even olives are fresh. Not to forget, there are spots for you who prefer eating organic foods than the conventional ones. The kind and friendly staff can just make this market perfect.

Phoenicia Mediterranean Food Hall

This store applies the concept of traditional markets in which the products are put in buckets. Almost similar to the shopping center explained in the previous point, the products sold here are guaranteed to be fresh. But since they are directly coming from the Middle East area, prices indeed tend to be more expensive as well. plus points of this place are about the location that is accessible and friendly staff. Sure, you can consult if you want to make kebab or something while having no clue how to make it.

Arabica Bar & Kitchen

This site is not definitely a market since the products sold are mostly ready-to-serve cuisine. Yes, just like the name, it is a bar and kitchen that is specially offered Arabian foods. Despite foods and beverages from Arab, some menus are authentic foods from some countries around like Turkey, Lebanon, Dubay, Syria, and more. Even the staff wholeheartedly gives you insight into the history and how to make those foods. So, are you interested to visit it?

Borough Market

Borough Market is the biggest traditional market in London. It was established even more than a thousand years ago. Previously, it only sells ingredients and products for local and European foods. But now, you can get more products there including foods and ingredients typically from the Middle East. Even if you are visiting some stalls there, you can enjoy foods and beverages from the area of Middle East with great tastes. The prices are various starting from the cheap to the expensive ones.

Delamina East

Delamina East is a shopping center and restaurant that provides only foods from the Middle East. Different from some other markets that have traditional concepts, this one is more modern with contemporary design. Some spots in this place are even unique and really Instagrammable. So, spare your time with family and friends here to enjoy Middle Eastern cuisine like Kebab and deserts with date fruits.


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